Nitrogen plays an important role in eutriphication. The main microbial processes involved in the removal of nitrogen
are ammonification, nitrification and denitrification.
Ammonification is the conversion of organic nitrogen to ammonia. Nitrification is a two-step process transforming
ammonia nitrogen to nitrate nitrogen. The conversion of ammonium to nitrite is followed by the oxidation of nitrite to
nitrate. Microorganisms involved in these processes are autotrophic and aerobic. Denitrification is the conversion of
nitrate to nitrogen gas, thus providing complete removal of inorganic nitrogen. But denitrifiers require the opposite
conditions compared to nitrifiers. Denitrifiers are heterotrophic and anaerobic.

Nitrogen is an essential nutrient that can be removed through plant uptake. The ammonium and/or nitrate taken up
by plants are stored in organic form in the wetland vegetation.
Removal Mechanisms: Nitrogen
Constructed Wetlands